Custom Designs

From Concept to Installation

"It was so refreshing to meet with someone who listened to everything I was looking for and come up with something functional and beautiful. It's a small project but you treated it like it was as important as a big project."


Meet with our in-house designer! With 20+ years of design experience, we can help guide your vision into reality. In the consultation we establish budgets, aesthetic goals, color preferences, installation details and the general workflow of your project. We are happy to look through references with you and always take your input sincerely. If you are inspired and ready to create with us, or intimidated and don't know where to begin, we can help. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome.


After the consultation, it is time to make some initial designs! They are usually provided within one week after the consultation and are always able to be changed. It is common for a custom piece to go through 2 rounds before the correct design is crafted. With each round, an estimate will be provided. 

Glass Choice & Color Placement

Once a design is chosen, we can spice it up and play with color. We prefer to have you involved with glass choice, as there is a lot to consider and we want the best fit for you. If you would rather a more hands-free approach, we are well equipped to take the reigns and make decisions based on the preferences we discussed. Client approval of the final glass choices are still required.

Be advised that these visualizations are drawn and lack the definition and life that glass has. They may appear flat or cartoonish. We invite you to look at process posts below to understand how the end product differs from the color tests.

Contract &

Glass Mock-Up

Once the color placement is agreed upon, a contract is written. With a signed contract and a 50% deposit, we are able to order the materials and create a to-scale drawing. It is not always necessary, but in more detailed projects, we make a mock-up using the actual glass sheets we acquire before ever cutting the glass.

We will do our best to match the color layout, but please be advised that glass is a variable medium and the sheet we receive may not exactly match the sample. Each sheet of glass is unique in color and texture. It is also common for a glass distributor to be out of a specific color, in which case the best possible substitute of that glass will be used.


Decades of experience goes into each custom panel we build. Skilled hands guide glass cutters over the roughest textures with precision. Trained eyes lay lead lines like pencil strokes. Sturdy minds solder everything together in strength and beauty.

Besides traditional leaded glass, we utilize various additional techniques to bring your project to life including:

  • Lead Overlay

  • Painting

  • Sandblasting

  • Fusing


Now it's made and ready to go to its forever-home. We offer full installation services, and shipping can be arranged if necessary. We can install into prefabricated units, make new wooden sashes, or craft two-view frames to hang your new piece of art with care.

Our 4,500 square foot studio is open to the public and you are welcome to view our fabricators in action. There is always something interesting being created on our workbenches.

*Installation is billed separately and will not be scheduled until the contracted amount is paid.

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