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Seattle Town Hall

Construction for the building that is now Town Hall Seattle started back in 1916. Originally the Seattle Fourth Church of Christian Science, the building was lavishly outfitted in a Roman Revival style by architect George Foote Dunham. Another relic of their legacy in the Northwest, the stained glass windows were designed and built by the Povey Brothers, of Portland Oregon. Seattle Stained Glass was commissioned for a complete restoration of the 82 windows in the building, including the central dome and oculus. The original glass will shine like new once the building’s renovations are complete.


Hotel Theodore

Located at 7th Avenue and Pine Street, Hotel Theodore’s modernist Art Deco tower was the tallest hotel in the city when it opened downtown as the Roosevelt Hotel in 1929. The building was bought in 2015 by Providence Hotels and renovated in the original French modern style. Seattle Stained Glass replicated 21 leaded glass panels based on historic photos and the few remaining windows that were intact. The windows were upgraded with tempered glass pieces for safety. Reopened , the new Hotel Theodore maintains historic art themes and collections, preserving the beauty of Seattle.

The Sanctuary Seattle

Formally the First United Methodist Church, this new events venue on Fifth Avenue and Marion Street went through a long preservation battle starting in 1984. In 2007, Kevin Daniels, President of Daniels Real Estate, was able to bring a coalition together to purchase the church and preserve it for a future use.   Seattle Stained Glass was commissioned for a complete restoration of the 108 windows in the historic church. The windows were originally made by the Povey Brothers, stained glass artists based out of Portland in the late 1800s. Considered the “Tiffany of the Northwest”, the Povey Brothers’ work can be found all over the city and region. Seattle Stained Glass disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt and reinstalled all the windows . The renovated space now hosts private and public events and even includes urban honey hives on the exterior of the stained glass domed roof.

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